Cosa facciamo

Your Experiences

The possibilities for adventure are endless and traditional Italian culture still plays an important role in the day-to-day life of the inhabitants.

We give you the opportunity of a rare glimpse into an ancient way of living.

Spend as much time as you wish with us.

We want nothing more than to share our passion and knowledge of the Piceno and help you to live your own unique experiences.

Travel as a couple, with friends or alone…and we will accompany you on your journey to show you the heart of Italy and to make you experience the authentic Italian lifestyle.

Walk through the grapevine rows,

Enjoy a table full of local flavours,

Hear the sound of the language of love,

Conquer a breath-taking view.

Listen to the stories of those who have always lived here,

Relish the scent of your hands soaked with freshly harvested olives or grapes.

Live the soul of our beautiful land: walk beside us, learn our language.

Taste our specialties and prepare them with us, listen to our stories and tell us yours.

Enrich your life with a piece of us…


Discover nature

Explore our inland valleys and mountains through guided tours and itineraries, you will find a huge variety of walking opportunities, from a relaxed stroll to a full day hike. Enjoy unexpected views and the magic of our wild nature. Wide-open spaces, spectacular mountain ranges, sparkling rivers and pristine forests create a natural paradise for lovers of the great outdoors.

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Cook & Eat

Be an Italian chef for a day. Learn how we prepare local specialties. Stuffed and fried Ascolana olives, delicious sauces, handmade pasta and many more. Why don’t we eat them together then?
Cook local, eat Italian!

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Ancient customs & traditions

Try your hand at harvesting locally grown food products, which are still closely related to the flow of time and seasons. Experience the unique and secret ritual to get rid of negative vibes.

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Tour & taste

Discover where our delicious products grow. Get access to the purest ingredients imaginable. Walk through grapevine rows, olive tree fields and enjoy the flavours of our land.

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Ascoli walking tour & aperitif

We will tell you about us and our traditions while walking and admiring severe Romanic churches, Roman ruins, medieval towers…

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Learn Italian language & culture

Learn the right sentences and the idiomatic expressions to communicate. Debunk stereotypes and act like a real Italian!

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Special events

Amaze everyone by choosing the Italian landscapes and beauties of Le Marche as the setting for your special occasions.

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Surprise italian lifestyle day

Do you feel adventurous? Experience the emotion of a surprise day with local Italian people.

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