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The possibilities for adventure are endless and traditional Italian culture still plays an important role in the day-to-day life of the inhabitants.We give you the opportunity of a rare glimpse into an ancient way of living.We want nothing more than to share our passion and knowledge of the Piceno and help you to live your own unique experiences.Travel as a couple, with friends or alone…and we will accompany you on your journey to show you the heart of Italy and to make you experience the authentic Italian lifestyle.Walk through the grapevine rows, enjoy a table full of local flavours, hear the sound of the language of love, conquer a breath-taking view.Listen to the stories of those who have always lived here, relish the scent of your hands soaked with freshly harvested olives or grapes.Live the soul of our beautiful land: walk beside us, learn our language.Taste our specialties and prepare them with us, listen to our stories and tell us yours.Enrich your life with a piece of us…GET READY TO SEE THE ITALIAN LIFESTYLE!

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