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Our land, the Piceno

The Piceno area is an undiscovered and unique place, which includes in itself all those well-known beauties that notoriously Italy can offer.

An undiscovered piece of Italy

Most of Italians do not even know this pretty piece of land and as soon as they arrive in town, they are immersed in a stunning scenery. Close your eyes and imagine from one side green forests, high mountains and the sound of the purest water flowing into rivers and falls. On the other side, imagine rolling hills completely covered by silvery olive groves, vibrant yellow splashes of sunflowers and endless grapevine rows, which lead your gaze to the Adriatic Sea.

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Ascoli Piceno

The centre of this pristine picture is Ascoli Piceno, a little ancient jewel, entirely made of white travertine limestone, lounging between two national parks, hills and a sandy coastline.

Ascoli Piceno, founded several centuries before Rome, is an open-air museum. Visitors can admire severe Romanic churches, Roman ruins, medieval towers and getting lost in a number of little streets as if time has not passed.

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Ancient customs & traditions

The Piceno area is full of wild nature, breath-taking landscapes, first-rank culture and incredible food specialties. Whether you are spending a few days or entire months, this is a great place to call home and experience the classic Italian lifestyle.

1228 sq. km of authenticity, traditions, places and people, which can’t wait to meet you.

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